Recent Projects List empty on restart following Windows 11 update

I am aware that this topic has cropped up in the past - but since a Windows 11 update about a week or so ago, the Recent Projects list is empty every time I restart the computer. I was unable to find a location where this information might be stored - assuming I need to edit that location in the light of something that Windows has done. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I noticed just today (on Mac) that if I move a project to a different folder, it disappears from the hub until I reopen it from its new location. Have you moved your files?

Hi Mark - thank you for responding - apologies for delay in replying to you. No, no files had been moved at all.
However, I am wondering if there is a related reason. My default directory for saves is within Google Drive, and following a Google Drive update, files are no longer stored on the computer (in order to save space) but stored in the cloud. They are visible in File Explorer, but I wonder if Dorico somehow doesn’t “see” them?

Dorico stores the list of recent projects in the %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5 folder on your computer, along with all of your other user-specific application data.

Hi - thanks for your response - I tracked the recent projects file, and established that it was being cleared each time the computer was restarted. My default saving location was within Google Drive, and with some exploration, I discovered that Dorico does not seem to “see” files which are in Google Drive and only stored in the cloud - and not stored on the computer, and so clears the list on restarting. (even though I was able to save and load the files once the program had started) I have now configured Google Drive to store my Music Directory locally AND in the cloud, and the problem has gone away.