Recent Projects List (Hub)

I’ve had a couple of occasions in the last 3 months where changes have been made to my recent project list. The first time everything was cleared off the list, the second time two items were left out of 8 or 9 on the list.

It’s not a huge thing as I know where all the files are but the list is useful. I’m pretty sure I’m not deleting them in my sleep - is this a known bug?

Did the files’ location change? That would do it.

Hi Dan,

No. I have established locations which I haven’t touched for six months or more.

I prune the list fairly regularly - anything that’s complete or projects I’m setting aside etc. I have been wondering whether there’s a connection between removing files from the list and other files disappearing from the list.

I think I might have worked out what’s going on here.

My files are on an external SSD in a Disc Enclosure. If I start up my iMac Pro without the Disc Enclosure being turned on and also start Dorico up - irrespective of whether I click on them or not, any files listed as being on the Recent Files list that are located on the SSD are removed from the list. Any files on the Recent Files list that are located on the Main drive stay,

Yes, if Dorico can’t find the file, it’s pruned from the list.

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My preference would be that Dorico never removes anything from that list by itself. Any deletion or ‘clearing up’ of entries should solely be a manual/user task IMHO.

So, a Feature Request… Could some capability/intelligence be built in, that automatically marks files as ‘Offline’ (and greyed out or italicised) until such time their path location can be resolved - i.e. once the external drive (project source) is reconnected.?

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I’d prefer that, too. To be honest, I’m surprised Dorito scans it at start up and not if / when the user clicks on a file. One less task for the start up!

I’d like to see the path displayed (and possibly time date stamped?) - had a recent problem where I’d saved to my iCloud folder as I was working on the laptop, and later saved to the HD as well but I risked an edit discrepancy by not being sure which was the later version…the same two project titles in the recent files list - one from each location, no way of telling them apart. I do incremental saves all the time but not for every small edit so this one nearly caught me out.

You can already choose to have the path displayed - see in Preferences; General → Files->Show complete path for recent files (checkbox).

I also agree about date/time stamp info being available here too; but this must be something very tricky (coding wise) to achieve. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in any other apps.

Cubase ‘Hub’ is the same - File path displayed, but no date/time data.

And yes - have often run into similar situations as you describe. The only safe solution being to open a File Explorer window alongside, for double-checking versions… Is it a Windows specific thing maybe (that this ‘Project File info’ can’t so easily be added).?

Glad I’m not the only one - I’m on a Mac. Didn’t know about the Prefs thing will check it out now ta!

All my titles are date-stamped: I add it to the title manually: filename210604.dorico. I create a new version (rename) every time I edit a file (backup) and it doesn’t take long to do.