Recent Projects No Workee

Windows 10.
So… this has bugged me since forever. When I open WL and I hit the ‘Recent’ radio button, it always shows up as blank or a local folder with nothing in it.

What do I have to do to get it to remember properly?

Hmmm This works for me in Windows 10 … and every session is based around it’s own project in my workflow.

I am guessing that the reason is that for this to work, you need to have opened or worked in a Project … that is through the file > open dialogue … either click a .wpr file to open it or use ‘save as’

Then, next time WL is opened, that project will appear in ‘recent’.

It will also appear in the file > open > projects > recent list.

You almost certainly have your own way of doing things, but I am more than happy to share how things can be very easily organized with a ‘project’ focus if you want.

Ah hah! So… you also have to save every Montage as a WPR. Got it. I tend to think of a ‘project’ and a ‘montage’ as one and the same.

Is there an automatic way that every time one saves the Montage it saves a ‘project’ as well, or must one always do these as separate steps?


Well, it depends on how you work/structure your sessions.

Like most, I have always had a precedent folder set up on my drive for each session and simply rename that as a new project comes in. In that precedent folder set is a session template .wpr file. I re-name that to match the session name. The alternative is to 'save as '> ‘project name’. It’s a bit Pro*ools approach wise.

The .wpr template is what I want to see every time I open WL or start a new session. So in my case this has different tabs including montages/masters/batch processors/references and so on. I set this up (blank except for some references) and saved that as a .wpr project in the folder precedent file. You only need to do that one time since it’s saved as or renamed with each new mastering project (session).

This has some real practical advantages as everything you want to keep with the session/project is there when you reopen the .wpr project file. And likewise, everything you want to see as a starting point when you open a new WL mastering session is there. It’s like ‘workspace’ on steroids.

This way, you’re not saving each montage as a ‘project’ or anything cumbersome like that.

The limitation of a project save is that it won’t save master section plugin setting settings (I work mainly in the montage so no biggie for me personally). It does of course save montages and any open .wav files. It seems to auto save all of this.

You can also specifically add what you want from the project manager.

I’m not sure if I’ve explained this well so feel free to ask anything.