Recent Retrologue Expansion Purchase Not Showing Up In Cubase - The Void

So, a few days ago I took advantage of Steinberg’s Winter Sale and picked up “The Void” and “Analog House” expansion sets for Retrologue. Both were downloaded, installed and activated. When I check my account online, I see that both are in my account under the Steinberg Licensing-based products. However, when I launch Retrologue in Cubase, only Analog House shows up. The Void is missing even though I can see the sound-set installed in it’s default location.

According to Steinberg, this is supposed to be an issue with products that have been migrated over to the new Steinberg Licensing system and that they claim they’re not compatible with older versions of Cubase. They suggest upgrading to Cubase 12 to resolve the issue or wait until they get a fix for older versions at some point this year. What???

How convenient that in order to solve my problem, I have to help out Steinberg by spending another $99 to upgrade from version 11. But the answer they gave doesn’t explain why Analog House shows up and The Void doesn’t. Both of these expansions were migrated to their new licensing system on the same day according to Steinberg’s website. So technically, Retrologue shouldn’t see either expansion based on the reasons in their article.

C’mon Steinberg! I feel like I’ve been cheated and when I contacted their online sales partner, Asknet, they refused to answer the phone during business hours.

Steinberg reached out by email and sent me eLicenser codes for both titles. This resolved the issue and I hope that all the folks out here with this problem who aren’t ready to upgrade their versions of Cubase get their proper eLicense codes quickly.