Recent song list?

Can someone tell me which preference file in the app data folder removes the recent songs in the list. I know I could just remove the Cub6 folder and have it initialize all prefs. Just wanna remove the recent song list though. My issue is that I have removed a folder that I no longer need and my list is pretty long of songs that i’m not using anymore. would be greatly appreciated thanks.

All you need to do is move the directory the project folders are in and re-start Cubase.

thanks mashedmitten. Will give it a try.

Well that didn’t work.

OK! I solved it. It’s located here C:\Users\Userxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64*Defaults.xml*
Just in case someone wanted to know… :sunglasses:

You need to physically remove the project to stop it appearing in the list.

Great K! Thanks for the info.

Now can someone who knows both PC and Mac platforms
translate this location into ‘Mactalk’ for me.


Anyone know if it’s possible to have the recent list sorted by date instead of name?

Fixed in the pre-release?

I have another problem with the recent files list (so I thought I tack this on here …) -
it doesn’t always seem to be in the right order (especially when I’ve had several projects open at the same time).
even when I exit them all except one, save the last one, then exit Cubase , when re-opening (which is set to open the last used project), it doesn’t open the last project saved (and it doesn’t appear as the first one on the list)
any ideas why?