Recently Bought a Macbook pro

Hi Guys,
I recently bought a Macbook pro and had the Cubase elements 8 Software on my windows laptop. Now what I want to do is to install it again on my Mac. But whenever I’m going to download it’s not showing any option to download it for Mac. Please help. I don’t want my 99 pounds to go waste.

Hi, and welcome.

You should be able to download your Cubase Elements 8 from your MySteinberg > Downloads account. There is an ISO image, which is combined installer for both Windows and Mac.

If you can’t find it, you can just download the Trial version. Once you will activate it by your Activation code, it will becomes a full version. :wink:

Note: you have to Reactivate your Cubase to the new computer (if you don’t own USB-eLicenser).

Thanks man for this info. Where is the My Sternberg > Downloads Account. Where do I find it?


In the Steinberg homepage, you can find MySteinberg menu entry (the most right one). Here, you will login to your MySteinberg account. Then, you can see the Download tab, under the My Products menu.

I don’t understand why does it say that my account does not exist even when I bought this software legitimately. And seriously, how many accounts do I have to make on this website?

I figured it out. Downloading it again.