Recently moved from Mac to Windows - Video Playback is not Working

I have recently moved over to Windows 10 having used Mac for quite some time. Everything else works exactly as before, except video playback. I get the thumbnails of the video, it just does not play in the video screen. I’m currently working on the soundtrack for a short film, so this is incredibly frustrating!

I am using version 8.0.40 (64 bit) Cubase Elements 8, and have the most recent Quicktime Player installed. I’d be really grateful for any help to get this resolved!


Cubase 8.x video engine is based on Quick Time. So if you can playback the video in the Quick Time player, you should be able to play it back in Cubase too. If you cannot play it back in Quick Time, then it’s on Quick Time side.

As you might know, Apple doesn’t support Quick Time on Windows anymore. So no one knows…

Cubase 9.x uses its own video engine. You could try to download Cubase 9 Trial, and test if you can open your video file here.