Recieving 2-bytes Expression


My controller transmits CC11 (expression) as 2 bytes, CC11 and CC32 (LSB), but I still to hear audible steps. Is anything wrong with my settings? Or I must to convert 14bit controller message to 7? Or controller transmits mesages seldom? or somthing else?

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2 byte expression.jpg
Cubase settings 2.jpg
Cubase settings1.jpg

Bad news I think. I don’t believe there’s any way of combining two midi values into 1 single midi lane.

But, Steinberg, we could well do with a special custom programmable midi event which does this (and also wrap this up with a programmable multi-byte sysex message too!!).

For example, something which mimics the pitch shift lane but using two other CCs. There’s would be a few MSB and LSB things that we could use easily then. It would also aid us all in automating synth parameters using sysex messages, or Non-Registered Parameters too.


Surely it should be CC11 and CC43? CC32 is the LSB for CC0, and so on.

However, the only 14-bit data I’ve seen edited in Cubase is Pitchbend, so I think you are out of luck, alas.

Yes, mode 4 (high resolution) from this image - it is CC11 + CC43…