Reclaiming room at top of printed score

In Write mode, Page One of my score shows that the title appears to be fairly close to the top of the page. Please note - there is no musical logic to any of the notes etc. This is just a test project.

However when I print it off, there’s quite a bit of room at the top.
First page printed.JPG
My work involves making charts for pop/jazz players and they want short charts so I want to use every square inch. I tried to figure out how to move the Title up. Found this and eventually got here

So I’ve unlocked the Constraint for the Top margin. But as you can see in the bottom panel, adjustment for ‘Top’ is greyed out. And if you look at the {@projectTitle@}, it looks like it’s already close to the top of the page… but again when I print there’s a lot of room up there.

Can I reclaim that room at the top of the printed output for this page? Every little bit helps when you’re trying to keep a lead sheet to 2 pages!

What’s the page size in Layout Options > Page Setup?
And what’s the size in the right panel of Print mode?
My suspicion is that you haven’t changed the page size in Layout Options to match the paper you’re actually printing on. Either that or your printer settings involve some scaling.

It’s always so simple. I want to come up with something one day that actually gives you pause.

Page size in Layout Options was right, but on the print side I failed to choose letter size. It was on A4. Didn’t even occur to me!

I’m guessing though, that the current position of the Title is as far up as I can go? Or can I force that Title right up to the top of the page if I needed to (not that I would, but it’s good to know).

Thanks as always Leo.

Page margins are adjustable from within Layout Options, and frames can go anywhere within the area bounded by the page margins - you could set the top page margin to 0 and that way you could force the text frame to the very top of the page.

Also, you’ve rather misunderstood the way the constraints work: they lock the edge of the frame to a set distance from the top/left/right/bottom. If you want to lock a frame to the top of the page, the Top constraint needs to be turned on, and then the Top value can be set to 0.

Great thanks again.