Recomendations for my monitor upgrade

I’d like a larger monitor which is used with my windows intel i7 PC for cubase and general office work. I currently have a 1920x1080 res Dell P2714H 27 inch Professional Widescreen Full HD LED Backlit monitor with a dodgy main connection and noone seems to repair them. Using to record my own songs as a v keen amateur. I’m a bit confused about all the talk of ratios. Max I could go to is 32" in the space. Starting to wear glasses (not for pc yet!) so don’t want the font any smaller (currently 1920x1080) . Ideally get more info on the screen to save scrolling so much. Would benefit should I expect from a 32" monitor over 27"? Many thanks for your help.

To stay at roughly similar pixel size (and thus legibility), the maximum resolution to consider would probably be 1440p – also called QHD (quad high definition) or WQHD (wide quad high definition) and is a display resolution that measures 2560 x 1440 pixels . This resolution is also commonly referred to as 2K

Really depends on what resolution the 32" the display is - 1440p is a nice resolution, if you’re stepping up from 1080p - it gives you more pixels (Space on the desktop/Cubase), but fonts/icons etc. are still quite visible.

4K resolution is a bit more of a gamble, and you’re at the mercy of software developers as to how easy elements are to see. I would avoid 4k at this point. It also puts more strain on your graphics card.

Are you running a dedicated GPU in your machine at the moment, or is it integrated GPU? Check what the max resolution is that it can output too. Particularly if you’re running multiple monitors.

so sorry I missed your reply Nico5. I didn’t see an email advising. V helpful. Read another post on this forum where a lot of folk recommended a separate monitor for the mix console and I have to say I jump between arrange and full mix a lot . Added advantage seems to be that edit and plugin windows can be shoved on top of the mix monitor. Maybe that means 2 x 27" (or 27 + 22?) monitors on top of each other rather than one big one. My Tannoy Active nearfield monitors are on stands at ear height about 8" either side of my current 27" monitor.

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So sorry i missed your reply re monitors skijumptoes. I didn’t get a linked email alert. Very helpful thank you. I just checked and my graphics at present seems to be provided which I believe is part of the Intel i7 6700 processor. I really thought I had a seperate PCI graphics card but not showing in Win 10 Device Manager. Max res is 4096 x 2304 it looks like. As in my post to NIco5 who also replied maybe I should go for 2 monitors in which case I’d need a special graphics card wouldn’t I? My current 27" monitor is soldiering on so could add another above maybe to house the full mixer view and temp editor or plugin windows. Really appreciate your input.