Recommendation for a tiny usb hub

I need a recommendation for a tiny usb hub to run Elicenser, Ilok and usb stick. I want to have a convenient way to take all of my dongles to use with my laptop. I’ve tried a few and with most the elicenser doesn’t show up on boot, I have to unplug the hub and plug it back in again. Any ideas?


I’m using i-tec or D-TECH USB hubs and I have never ever head any problem with the USB-eLicenser in it. But I’m always using an active (with own power supply) USB hubs.

Thanks, I’m hoping to find a non powered one because I want it to be portable.

No, don’t do that. Yeah carrying around the power supply is a drag. But I bet not being able to access your license while at a gig would be way more of a drag.

You could do much worse than lugging around a supply - like you could be a drummer

I use an Alogic 7 port on a laptop, with all ports being used. Whilst I usually have the USB powered, there have been many times where I don’t, and haven’t noticed a problem.

But I bet you have that power supply with you just in case.

I did use a non-powered hub on my DAW (non-laptop) in the past and usually it worked fine but every few weeks it would have a problem. A lot depends on how much power the laptop port provides and how much power is needed by both the hub itself & what’s plugged into it. I assume the OP is using it for gigs and needs it to always work. Why take the risk of a ruined gig just to avoid putting a small power supply in the laptop bag?

Quite agree Rodger, my attitude is if something can go wrong it will, and I’m becoming very risk averse! My usage without the power supply has always been at non-critical times.

A question to those that are working on two different (Windows PC) machines. Did you have to re-authorize/re-authenticate/“move”-licences" of 3rd parts plugins and vst instruments on the 2nd computer? Or is it just plug the usb hub into the 2nd machine and off you go. (e.g. waves, izotope, fabfilter…etc).

3rd party plugins have their individual behaviour on second machines, depending on the vendor. So moving just the e-licenser or cubase might NOT do the trick perfectly.

I have a few plug-ins that set up on 2 PCs without a problem (including iZotope, as you mention them), plus a couple that required a different code, which the company provided. Some plug-ins installed on my Win 10 machine but were blacklisted on the Win 7, even though they are 64bit.

So, as Elien said…