Recommendation for future GUI updates

Firstly, I would love to express my affection for the new Black skin. It’s perfect and easy on the eyes. Keep up the good work Steinberg! :wink:

My suggestion for future improvement would be to give all the Meters a full black range. Right now it seems like the background is slightly grayish instead of a true black background. It seems to be that the wave-scope meter is darker than the rest. In older version’s of WL all of the meters had a pure black background, not a dark shade of gray, and this is something we got used to over time. It is also easier to see changes in the graphs that way (when its pure black), I think.

Additionally, in earlier versions of WL when you pulled the meter out to the side, you were able to completely collapse the menu’s on it to give it a full exclusive window, just for the meter itself without having any settings or function buttons on top of the child window. So far all my meters that I pull out have this gray bar at the top with Function button on them. Perhaps there is a way to remove this in the settings that I haven’t found yet. But if not, adding a function to remove this bar will save some real estate room on the monitor, as well as allow us to stretch the meters further and make it more intuitive. All we would need to do is right-click to bring up the menu for it, instead of just mousing over, which right now is annoying because it squeezes the meter unnecessarily to show it’s name.

Perhaps we can do away with all that in the options or settings one day, it would surely improve the overall look and feel of WaveLab! :sunglasses:


Use these 2 options, to achieve what you want.
For the background color, you can redefine it in the various meter settings.

Yes! Thanks that helped a lot! But it’s still popping up the name and bar on mouse over. :confused: Also the strangest thing… the Spectroscope meter doesn’t have a settings option when I right click on it, is this a bug? :confused:

The spectroscope has no customization, indeed.