Recommendation for Good Spring Reverb Plug In

I am looking for recommendations on a good (realistic) spring reverb plug in. I am looking for the Fender reverb sound like you would find on a Deluxe Reverb or Princeton (both of which I own). If it helps I like the spring reverb on a Strymon Flint pedal and don’t like the spring reverb you get on a BOSS RV-6 pedal.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

I personally have not found any digital representation of a spring reverb that I think sounds authentic. (Sorry.)

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Hmmm… if you have Cubase Pro you could check if any of the spring reverb presets in REVerence fit your style.
Or, additionally to searching for plugins, Reverence would allow you to search for Impulse Responses, too.

I completely forgot that there some spring reverbs REVerence, I check them out.

I like Tens a lot.


You could try this one …

Spring Reverb | Softube

There is a demo available, also.

Tens and Recoil are my favorites. I would encourage anyone to explore how they go beyond traditional springs.

However I dont use spring reverbs in the traditional way. They are used very subtle on certain peoples voices with additional processing.

In the traditional way, I have never cared for spring reverbs nor had much use for them. Maybe an occasional guitar or to persue an old Peavy mixer amp. For pop, its just not called up very often.

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For the amp spring sound, do take a look at Pulsar’s Primavera. Otherwise check Audiothing Springs, Klanghelm Tens + perhaps u-he Twangström. Some like the PSP offerings too.

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I’ve been using SKNote Necklace for ages and it’s definitely my go-to. The plugin is old as dirt and hasn’t been updated for years, still only VST2 I think. I wrote to the SKNote about that a few months ago though and they said there’s a new version coming soon. Anyway, highly recommended.

Same here and I’ve got a bunch (big dub fan here)… Overloud’s SpringAge is pretty decent, and one I use most often. PSP Nexcellence is pretty neat, otherwise its just AKG IR’s for me.

Honestly though, I end up using my real Furman alot and just running an output into my console through the reverb and back. Once in awhile I’ll use the ‘spring’ in my Boss RE-20 too.

Also, you can’t kick or hit a plugin! :grinning:

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Actually you kind of can in Necklace, it makes some noise if you click on the springs. :smirk:

IMO Tens is among the best Klanghelm

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I don’t like tens much for Fender reverb tank effects…but the Arturia rev 636 is ok…lots of good choices out there as we all have different preferences.