Recommendation for Synth Module

I’m stuck, I have used the Motif-Rack ES for year and now I’ve blown it up, apparently. I need a recommendation for a new module. I’m more into real instrument sounds. Any ideas? What do people do these days, use “in the box” plug-ins. I have Halion.

You could think about big sample libraries like those from East West or other similar companies.
In terms of quality and realism they blow away any kind of hardware module.
They aren’t cheap. But neither is a good synth module.
If you want extreme realism you can also go for the vienna instruments. (more for classical intruments)
These are probably the most realistic reproductions on the market.

It is difficult to check them out because those libraries are very big.
Best way to check it out is to meet someone in your environment who already owns one or more of them.
But FWIW, it’s just a suggestion.

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Thank you, Roel. How do you thank someone in an official sort of way on this forum?

you just did :wink:
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Have fun with your next buy and good luck !

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