Recommendation on tutorials course

Hey Everyone

I would like to Hear your recommendation on video tutorial Course that is more targeted to
musician (guitar player) who mostly aim is to compose rock music in home recording environment?

Much thanks in advance

I’m generally fond of the Groove 3 videos. The most cost effective way to use them is to get an All Access Pass for a month or two and binge watch.

Also, in general, don’t skip over content that is for older versions of Cubase. Most anything described in a Cubase 8 video will still be valid in 10.5.

raino thank you for reply
tell me please, you much more prefer Groove 3 over Askvideo, Lynda or Udemy in this subject
or you have gather great experience only with Groove 3 without trying other?

As far as doing production for a guitar player there are all kinds of videos on YouTube. May be not Cubase specific but the concepts are the same as far as audio goes.

I would encourage you to scour YouTube and Steinbergs YouTube site

Greg Ondos stuff is pretty good

Chris Selim is good too

shanabit Thank you for Recommendation list. I will check them out

The key difference is that the Groove 3 content is all music specific while the others are general topic sites that have music content. So it has a lot of depth and breadth on various music related topics, but zero content for example on using Excel or Photoshop.

In any case you can browse the offerings on all these sites and go with what best meets your needs. Ask yourself exactly what you want to learn and then see who provides that specific content. And of course you can take advantage of all these resources - using one does not preclude any others.

raino thank you for sharing your experience