Recommendations for Audio PC Builders

Hello. I’m looking for recommendations for vendors dealing in audio PCs. I used to use Carillons, but they folded. I have had a couple built by Studio Cat. Can anyone recommend any other vendors that specialize in PCs for audio and provide good service and support? Thanks for any insight.

PC audio labs.

But its been years so i cant vouch for them these days.

Might help to say what country you’re in.
If the UK, then 3XS Custom Pro Audio Workstations | SCAN UK

Thanks. I was just looking at their website. This seems promising.

Ah, good point. I am located in the US.

I’ve been using PCs from Silent PC for years. Incredibly happy with them.

They actually make DAW PCs:

I personally prefer and use their fanless PCs, specifically this one:

No moving parts, no fans (thus completely quiet), perfect for a studio where things like vocals are recorded.