Recommendations for microphones on bass cab

I hate you :imp:


But only a bit. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Right! I am happy though, I don’t have any gear lust anymore. :sunglasses: A lot of the things I have, I have had for a while and that there is such an added benefit. Knowing where things excel, how they sound in front of different sounding sources…

The Audix D6 though wouldn’t be a choice for me to buy if I didn’t have other mics to cover bases. The D6 has a crazy frequency curve, a very tailored frequency response. I would have gone with an RE20 if I had a limited microphone selection. As much as I prefer not to eq a source as a corrective means to get the sound dialed it, the fidelity of a RE20 takes eqing very very well and the overall response of the mic is suited for many sources from vocals to brass, guitar cabinets, kick drums, percussion, bass cabs and more. A good all arounder. The preamp is is plugged into is important as well.

But the biggest influence has got to be the Bass and player :mrgreen:

Couldn’t agree more. D6 has very similar response as D112 (which was defined as no-go option in OP). And RE20 must be my all-time favourite of multi-purpose dynamic mics. But whenever I have to mic a bass cabinet, I prefer some LDC, instead.

Me as a bass player is still looking into the numerous ways of making sounds with finger techniques, string types, pickup types, pre-amps types and what has not yet been mentioned poweramp sections. For instance a tube pre-amp is be said a big influence in your sound, but never hearing the influence of a tube power section. My most favourite sound is a grinding tube poweramp section, this won’t be captured through the pre-amp or even e moddeler (model6), this has to be done the classic way namely a mic, a speaker and a good biased (read: well maintained and serviced by a knowledge technician) tube amp. :ugeek:

i do still plan to get the 414 or the re20 as well just not yet.:slight_smile:

Yah right! :mrgreen: