Recommendations for microphones on bass cab

I been looking at recording bass cab instead of di and using amplitube.

I have a heartke kickback 15 I intend to go di from my tonebone and mic up the hearke
mics a have been looking into are

I read people like the akg d112 but after speaking to a friend he was not impressed with it on bass cabs
if anyone has used these mics and can recommend them please let me know or if you have had good results with any other mics please advise.

I found this and to me I really like the audix d6 myself see what you guys think.


Beyer TG-X 50

What about the Shure Beta that’s also used for kicks? I can imagine the AKG isn’t good for cabs because, as I understand it, it’s great for getting the beater on the kick but not great for the ambience. The Shure has the opposite “problem.”

Whereas I prefer Dynamic mic/s on distorted guitar cabs, I much prefer a good LDC on Bass cabs and a DI…


Neumann tlm102 is a good choice too…

I do have a c214 never tried it on my Bass amp could this work? I would love a 414 but can’t afford one… :frowning:

Neumann tlm102 looks a nice mic could you tell me what ldc microphones you like/use on bass cabs split?


Well I decided to go with the audix d6 as this is my first go with micing up bass cabs I’m going to go with that as it has a good rep on bass cabs…not a bad start

And as I always been after a 414 I’m gona hold out for a second hand on on eBay when I can afford one.

But I would still love to know what other ldc mics your liking

re20. and have a large membrane condensator as room mic.

or for jazz players even an sm57 will sound nice.


I’m not that fussy really, I’ve tried RE20, MD 421 and other dynamics, 414, solid tube, tlm, rode nt, U87 and probably lots of others over 3 decades of doing this sort of thing and probably got very usable results from most.

Currently I’ll use a Rode nt2 (shock) via a JLM 1290 pre… and find I like it too :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on the genre and sound of the bass+head+cab combo along with the preamp. N/d 868 and at4033 would be my deserted island mics.

Oh yeah, that as well :laughing:

yah, right! :mrgreen:

anyone tried one of these?

Shure SM57

Such a versatile mic

Just like most microphones…

Yeh I been using amplitube a while now its nice and sounds pretty good but your right it does seem to miss something.

quick update i bought an audix d6 and only had time to do a quick test record not spending any time to take care with mic placement.went di from bassbone and a mic roughly an inch from the cab.
recorded a verse and chorus of a song I have been working on adjusted for phase and its sounding nice,full and smooth and to be fair its sitting better than most bass I have recorded so far…I have no experience with recording bass cabs so im going to experiment quite a bit and see how I get on.
just looking forward to when I have some time to work on my music again now.

I’m also a fan of Bass PODxt. While PODs (or any other amp modellers) may not be perfect representations of the modelled amps, bass isn’t as sensitive instrument as guitar when it comes to amp sound. IMO Bass PODxt is so good that I don’t even think of bothering to mic bass cabinet anymore … it’s just waste of time … and in most cases would just create inferior sound.

I completely disagree with you. I know you wrote in most cases, but my experience it the exact opposite. Do you have in-house bass amps? If you don’t, I think that is where we differ. Also, me having a boat load of mics and a lot of different outboard may be a difference too. I’m a bit overboard with gear.