Recommendations for x570 Ryzen motherboard that works with UAD-2 Quads (PCIe)


I’m looking to build a new DAW as my current one is getting quite creaky now… I was looking to build one around a Ryzen 9 x3950 CPU, but I’ve been reading a lot about compatibility issues with some Ryzen mobos and older PCIe cards - specifically the UAD-2 Solo/Duo/Quad cards

There’s a lot of information on the web - a lot of it slightly conflicting - some ppl say that mobo XYZ does work with the UAD-2 cards, and others say that the same mobo DOESN’T work - it seems to be related to whether ppl have updated the board’s BIOS or not

I was looking at the ASUS Prime x570 PRO board - as this has good reviews, is not too expensive, doesn’t have features that I won’t use (e.g. WIFI), and has enough PCIe expansion slots for my existing cards - as well as room for more in the future. This will be a DAW only workstation, so I’m not looking at using it for games.

Has anyone successfully used an ASUS Prime x570 Pro board (with BIOS updated) to work with UAD-2 Solo/Duo/Quad cards? If not the ASUS Prime x570 Pro, then maybe another mobo? Something around the £200-£300 mark that has at least 5x PCIe slots?


There’s a thread specifically about Ryzen and UAD-2 on Gearslutz. I recommend you start reading that thread from the end.

I suppose you could also consider getting an octo instead of one of the other three, although that’s certainly more money…

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