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How do you spend your days?
I always read with interest the suggestions for solving problems with Cubase 13.
Do not you think it would be easier to read if there was an OS classification?
If you read the details, you can tell that most of the environments are Windows.
Which articles are about Mac? If there are tags, you can sort articles more quickly.
Is it possible?
There are also classifications of “Mac” and “Windows” in the “All” selection items.
It would be helpful if you could add it.
Thank you for your understanding.
Yours, WAKAMATSU (from Japan)

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100% agree.

The tags for versions are already there. It is just that many users do not bother to be pin-point accurate or just did not learn about this forum feature yet.

I would assume that Steinberg does not provide OS tags anymore as many issues are actually independent of the platform. The forum used to be segregated into a PC and a Mac area.

Yes, and it wasn’t beneficial. Most topics are really OS independent (e.g. questions about the PLE, Score Editor, time stretching, MIDI, etc.). Often folks who had expertise wouldn’t see a post because of which OS the post was in. When they migrated the forum over here they decided to ID the Operating System by using tags rather than the Forum’s structure. As someone who answers a bunch of questions here, the current method is way better.