Recommended apps for Mac-OS

Hi. After using Cubase on PC for 20 years or so, I have bought a Mac Sudio (refurbished). I don’t want to start a PC-vs-Mac war, I started out with Steinberg Pro 24 and then Cubase 1 on Atari Mega. I am happy to build my own powerful PCs, but with heavy plugin loads and large numbers, and lots of peripherals, stability is still flaky, although much better than last year. The Mac Studio Max 10 core is giving me much lower stable latency than I can get wih my 12700K machine. It’s not faster overall, but it is, sad to say, better in Cubase. I don’t want to mess with my machine all the time, I want to work on the music! I am talking of 70 track plus plus VM heavy personal projects here, not commercial use. One thing though, I don’t understand why people call it silent! The fan noise is 27dBA/1m or so! But I don’t have any PC in my recording or monitoring space, so it doesn’t matter.
Anyway, to my question.
What would long time Mac users recommend I install as helper apps? I have found something called Audio Studio Manager which looks useful, but what else could you recommend? TIA…