Recommended Download Manager? (W10)

Hi - Now that I’ve upgraded to W10, I may be downloading the 8.5 trial in the next week or two. Any recommendations for a download manager that won’t freak out if there is an interruption of internet service during the download, and is otherwise easy/good to use?

Free is best of course, as long as it does the job well.


[EDIT: Since posting, I’ve learned that W10 has replaced the Explorer browser with “Microsoft Edge”, that Edge is supposed to have a native/built-in download manager, but that I can’t find it at all using Cortana. Also have found several sites describing, “Best N Free Download managers” e.g. 10 Best Download Managers for Windows (2022) | Beebom , with a lot of overlap between them. Thanks for any recommendations based on personal experience!]

I’ve been using ‘Free Download Manager’ ( the first one that pops up via your link) for some years, it does the job.

Download link: Free Download Manager for Windows | Download

In Firefox, there is a DLM extension called Down them all… seems to work pretty well for me. Free. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Before I saw your replies I used Microsoft Edge (which seems to have replaced Explorer in W10) to download and it went fine. Not sure what would have happened if the internet stream had become interrupted, but I’m not complaining.