Recommended Footswitch For Cubase Pro 10 Playback Control

I Am Using Cubase Pro 10.5.2 On An iMac Pro (Catalina OS 10.15.7)

Can Someone Recommend A USB Footswitch Controller for use in Cubase Pro 10.5 ?
I Need To Program It To Start, Stop, “Rewind” /Return In Playback Mode,
And If Possible In Record Mode.

I Have Viewed An Adaptive Three Switch Computer Controller Which Might Work. Does Anyone Have Experience With This Device ?

A Midi To USB Cable Solution Would Also Be Acceptable
I Do Not Want To Use A Midi Interface And Midi To USB Cables, Etc.
Also I Do Not Want More Than 3 Pedals Unless Essential

Thank You For Taking Time To Consider This Request … Any Assistance Would Be Much Appreciated



Any MIDI device would work with Cubase.

Although MIDI will probably work, but any USB foot switch that can send key commands will be better option for what you need. I bought 1 USB foot switch pedal from AliExpress and program left mouse click so when i hoover mouse on “next preset” arrow i can change presets while my both hands are free on the keyboard.

Nektar Pacer -edit. Never mind - not what you’re after.

I bought a new IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard Wireless Bluetooth 4 Pedal Footswitch (with expansion for 2 additional pedals). After a lot of effort, i have figured out how to set it up and use it in Cubase for playback, recording, undoing, etc. It’s solid, and seems to work well.

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Can you share the procedure? My Cubase on Mac OS12 Monterey recognizes the pedalboard but the commands I assign to buttons drawn on the midi window don’t work. And I can’t get out of it…