Recompile VST3PluginTestHost with 16 outputs


Is it possible to recompile VST3PluginTestHost with 16 outputs?

Or another VST3 host with 16 outs would be fine, just to run one plugin.


If I insert HALion, I’ve 32 outputs available. So what do you want to achieve?

Hi Arne.

This is wonderful to know. But where in the code do I tell the plugin to have 16 or 32 outputs, so that I can access them in VST3PluginTestHost? I always have only two.

Depending on your use-case, you have to create as many audio output busses as you want or you create one audio output bus with a 16 channel speaker configuration.

do you mean in the

addAudioOutput(STR16(“10.0 Auro-3D”), SpeakerArr::k100); in initialize

or in the


ok, addAudioOutput was the answer for me. I didn’t know that VST3PluginTestHost allocates output ports dynamically.

Thanks a lot!