Reconform: EDL export

Hello experts,

Im researching into the Reconform Feature. Its awesome. But my video production guy says its no good because the EDL format doesnt allow you to export more than 2 video tracks, which is useless for motion pictures because those editing projects can contain a lot more than 2 video tracks. A lot.

How do you go about this?

I tried it with Adobe Premiere and it only let me export 1 video track on the EDL.

How is it done in the commercial world? :question: :question: :question:

Couldn’t they just save-as without video and export audio-only EDL then? After all, your reference video will be single track anyway.

Well, in fact, I think I would need all the cuts in the video. They contain the info that Reconform uses to move all of the events on the Nuendo project according to what changed on the new video edit.

But if the video project contains several video tracks, then the reconform feature only “sees” some of the changes: the ones on the exported EDL.

Oh, duh… or, “doh!”…

So, why can’t they then just save-as and consolidate it to one video track, export and then go back to their other version?

I did a quick search and found this video which is a bit old, but at any rate it looks like it’s actually very quick (you can jump to 2:20). Of course, I have no idea how it handles transitions etc.

A video editor that uses a lot of tracks for video is badly organised. You really can’t effectively have more than two pictures playing at any one time and most of the time it is just one (unless it’s a “transition”). Why would you spread them on multiple tracks?

Several NLEs can export a flattened video EDL as far as I know.
After working in audio post for 20+ Years I have had this issue once or twice with very inexperienced editors. It’s not normal workflow.

Never the less, it would be nice if the reconform engine didn’t have this limitation.

Are we sure the limitation is the reconform engine though and not the EDL export or EDL export in Premiere specifically?

Thats actually a good question. I don´t know how to confirm this, but I think its the EDL format thats restricted to a “2 video tracks maximum”.

This is how it looks:

Is that a mixed edl? I don’t think that ever worked?
Can I get the edl to look at?

i’ll send it to you.

Worked fine for the last 35 episodes. :slight_smile:
The scenes tab vives you cyclemarkers, the video tab gves you single markers.


Hi Fredo.

What are those tabs you´re talking about? Are they within Nuendo?