RECONFORM ... no midi or tempo ?


i’m trying a reconform on a music i did for a 5min movie.
i expect things to be a bit hard because it’s midi musics and lots of automations… well mainly midi CCs.
i understand that if you only have audio regions, and clean EDL you get cuts everywhere and work your editing on sounds from there.
But with midi and VSTi it’s maybe a bit random.

But the result is just useless. It looks like midi regions part of a modification or totaly deleted. Not recut reduce moved but simply entirely removed.
also tempo change or flaten to one value (in my case the last value at the end of the movie.
in the preview you see midi regions are or; cuts are ok in midi and i see tempo changes of course there’s some things to adapt in midi but at least you see it’s there. when i hit start reconform the result does not look as the preview DST !
i made sure also there was no frozen VSTi.

anybody tried reconfrom with music ?

here is a snapshot of the preview where you see midi files and tempo track data that has been correctly reconform (but in preview)
Google Photos

and here is after reconform where all midi regions going over a reconformed cut is simply deleted and all tempo data is gone.
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