Reconnecting Audio Device; Why Does Cubase 12 Not Remember Last Connected Settings

Im just wondering if Im expecting something too much here.
I switch between IO…not a lot but I use RME normally but if Im looping out to analog eq etc, I want to be able to simply switch between without having to go back and reset all the io patching every time

Am I doing something wrong?

I think the same as you
If i do not have my Focusrite 6i6 switched on and do midi editing from my Genos it ask whether you want the focusrite sound, which you ignore.
Next time you switch your machine on and want to work with vst or wave you have to set everything up again.
I now make a template with the focusrite 6i6 set up and clear the playing area for whatever i want to work with and it retains the settings as long as when you set up for something different save under a different name leaving your original template alone.

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This has long been a bane of mine. It makes switching drivers a nightmare proposition.

I once switched over to take advantage of a drum machine’s ability to send its separate sounds over USB, but it took so long to re-build my audio port assignments that I could have done the job quicker tracking each sound in isolation, and I have no wish to repeat the exercise.

This is annoying for sure, but wouldn’t saving a configuration in the audio config panel (and then recalling it when things get messed up) fix this?

Funnily enough…thats where this started
I did a full setup with this in mind. When I migrated to 12 I lost it all and spent hours trying to find where it might of gone…on the forums…there is no simply backup system and inconsistent origin of information
In the end I did learn and its synced to gdrive by why not just a simple selective backup of global/project settings?

The point is, when I use ableton and do the same, all the stuff comes back immediately if I change IO ie as per last mappings

Nope. I still have all my external hardware designations to recreate. These are not restored from an audio configuration. I have 96 I/O, so not my idea of fun.

96 I/O - yeah, I can see how that’s more than tedious! Are they set up as External Instruments/Effects? If so, might this help?

Op is all about io which also has presets but these have been unreliable for me, complex to back up and they are manual…eg ableton remembers what was plugged in and the named ports/config

Presets are fine, but it is very annoying that any time I forget to switch on my audio interface before starting Cubase, all audio settings are lost and I have to select the presets again. It is doable, but very annoying, so yes, it would be very nice if Cubase remembered those settings…

External Instruments doesn’t have any way to save the configuration.