Reconsider MusicXML for Cubase Artist

Should Steinberg set Artist free and give them access to MusicXML

  • Yeah!!!
  • Why not? I would use it!
  • Indifference
  • Pay and shut up
  • I hate MusicXML no matter what
  • :YFC:

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I know MusicXML has never been part of Cubase Artist but my guess is that there is a great number of Artist users who would never pay for Pro but who would have great use of MusicXML.
I’m writing music with some different buddies who is more into writing music than poking around with recording gear and that’s my dose of self-interest posting and anecdotal evidence to prove my point so I stop now! :mrgreen: :blush:

Anyways … anyone agrees?

I actually agree because I think communication should be a standard thing, it helps people… If artist can send/receive to someone with pro version… that’s something that potentially helps the artist user grow, and afford pro.