Record and monitor buttons greyed-out.

Using Elements 7. Windows 8.1 64bit. 4gig RAM.

Can anyone explain to me why all of the ten audio tracks on my latest project have had their record and monitor buttons greyed-out? No matter what I try to do, I cannot bring the tracks back online to record on them. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Do the tracks have an input bus assigned to them? Have your VST Connections settings changed?

Thanks, SP, that could be the problem, to be honest I hadn’t thought about Cubase disabling them if the input bus hadn’t been assigned. I switch drivers when mastering as my interface isn’t needed for that, and seeing them all greyed-out that way had me puzzled. I can’t check at the moment if that is the problem as I’m at work. Will know for sure when I get home.

Thanks again, SP, much appreciated.


Going back to what SP said, it isn’t that. I inserted a new track last night and the record function worked fine until I changed drivers, it deactivated and wouldn’t reactivate even when I changed back to the original driver. I use a Yamaha Audiogram 3 interface and the record function works fine. But once I change to a Generic Low Latency driver the record button greys-out and the track is no longer able to record.
Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this, please?


Why are you switching drivers? First you said you switch because you don’t need the interface while “mastering”. Then you say that you can’t record after switching drivers. Why do you need to record while “mastering”?

In any case, check your VST Connections and your track’s input bus assignment after switching drivers. Or, just don’t switch drivers!

You’re right, SP, I don’t need to record whilst mastering, and from now on I’ll do all my mastering through my interface and won’t switch drivers. And I’ll look at the track’s input bus assignment to see if I can reinstate the record functon.

Thanks again,

Yeah avoid the generic low latency driver like the plague…if you want to use your built in soundcard for anything (I’m guessing this is why you switched drivers in the first place) try the asio4all drivers.