Record and write automation simultaneously

Unless we are missing something would love a better way to do this. We have built a couple of macros that write enable the selected track and start recording at the same time for playing in and doing automation moves from a controller.

Unfortunately the automation command (“Write Automation for the selected tracks On/Off”) is a toggle, so when you are finished and hit the spacebar to stop, the track remains in Write enabled. We have built another macro to stop and take it out of write mode but this is very annoying.

We work with the preference “Enable Record on selected Midi Track” checked, would love a similar option for automation.

Thanks for your help


This cannot work for automation. The automation is written even while Playback (no record). Almost all the time any track is selected. So if the automation is in Write mode automaticaly, you would overwrite your previous automation on every selected track, while plaback.

Btw, what parameters would be written in this case?

Sorry, it really doesn’t make sense to me.