Record Arm Safe

Is it possible to record arm safe selected tracks like pressing command and selecting track arm on Pro Tools does or adding option+shift (+command) and selecting a track arm to toggle track arm safe on the tracks? I know I can select no bus for the input but I don’t want to change my existing routing.

It would seem command+option+select track arm would be the ticket since that is Solo safe in Cubendo or “Solo Defeat” as they call it.

I suppose that in Cubendo land deactivating Enable Record on Selected (audio or midi) Track is the way that’s achieved, though it’s not the equivalent.

I am not sure I understand I can’t find that in the key commands or Menus. I am currently working in Nuendo 7.1.30 but have Cubase 9.0.10 and can’t find it. I have a PLE that disables arming on selected tracks but I want to not allow the button to be pressed. Thank you for your reply.
Disable Record Arm on Selected Tracks.jpg

Do a search in key commands for it?

Okay I see what you are talking about now I have a macro I use that turns both of those on and use that for comping vocals and MIDI parts but not quite the same as what I am looking for. [Edit] This way when “Enable Record On Selected Tracks” is enabled for tracks that I had selected, the track(s) then wouldn’t go into being armed. More of a safety net than anything without having to loose your inputs.


Sorry about that, looks like I tapped the trackpad in the middle of typing or something, fixed up above.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a PLE/macro that record enables currently selected tracks, rather than what you’re doing? You’re looking for a solution to a problem that wouldn’t exist if you leave the above-mentioned prefs de-activated.

Maybe I am missing something, see the image in my second post, that is exactly what I am doing and what that PLE does.

Record enabled on selected tracks is deactivated when I use that PLE in a macro. My issue where I usually run into this is sometimes with Keyboard Maestro macros I use that have extensive actions and when using the track devide which sometimes gets hung on tracks selected in the upper half and the lower half of the track divide.

Solo selected track often gets confused with this as well, I toggle the track divide often to run repetitive actions for mixdowns and comp tracks especially for full mixed classical edits.


Thanks always for your amazing help, I guess my biggest take away is there is no track arm safe like Pro Tools and if I want that the closest thing I have to prevent a track from going into record is to remove its input and then reassign it when I need to record to that track.