Record audio from other location

Yes I am running a older version of Cubase, namely 8. I wonder if i can record audio (and preferably video) with 44.1 Khz quality into my DAW. Do I need a plug or is there a way to go around it in order to achieve this?


What do you mean other location? You can record audio but not video. If you are talking about recording a performance then I record the video to my iPhone but also a click with it from a Cubase track. I then import the video into Cubase and line up the clicks.

With other location i mean, a singer/or whatever on a different location, like in another continent for example. Recording video with a different device is fine by me. How do you record the audio? Are there certain settings or plugins you use?

Sending the click is a good idea. How do you do that? (i am aware of the metronome possibilities) but sending it and getting it back with the video, is something i’ve never done.


To actually record remotely another person you need vst connect. If you have Cubase pro you can use the light version that comes with it.

I actually put the click through the speakers with the music I’m playing to and my phone records the video and the audio through its microphone. I then line it up and replace the audio with the actual audio already in Cubase which I lined it up with.

If you want a plugin alternative, there is Sonobus, which comes as both a plugin and standalone.
However, it may not be as flexible as VST Connect when it comes to controlling what the performer hears.

Note that VST Connect SE does not support lossless quality, while Sonobus, on the other hand, does support it, up to 32 bit PCM.

Video quality must be rather poor I guess, assuming you record the video with your phone from the screen?

Video us as good as the phone will do. What do you mean record from screen? I don’t use the front camera. I set it up on a tripod with the good camera facing me so the video is 4k.

I’m recording me playing drums and not anything else with the camera. The video is then imported into Cubase and the audio replaced