Record automation directly from MIDI controller

I want to describe the specific scenario I’m going through in Cubase Pro 9:

I’m pretty new to Cubase.

I want to play multiple keyboards along with the Maschine MKII live with modulation and expression automation: pitch bend, LFO changes, delay wetness, and so forth. That live performance is recorded in the DAW. I use faders, pedals, and knobs to automate as I play.

So I’ll describe one simple scenario. My Maschine MKII is set to MIDI controller mode, and it is recorded on a MIDI track. The MIDI track is then routed to a VST instrument track. The MIDI CC’s are being recorded on the instrument track (for example: pitch bend is mapped to CC 67), and MIDI learn is set to the pitch parameter. I can hear the modulation as I play it live, but when I play back the recording, the midi-learned parameter is not recorded. That parameter doesn’t even budge. It seems to not record when the automation is set to W (write), and it doesn’t record when the track is set to armed recording. However, MIDI CC 67 automation was recorded. So, okay, CC is recorded but not the parameter. I don’t want to copy and paste the CC automation to the parameter all the time. It’s just not efficient.

How do I make the parameter automation record? How would you set it up?


If you record the MIDI CCs and the parameter is assigned to this CC in the VSTi, you should get the same result while playback. You don’t have to Write an automation.

Is the parameter assigned to CC 67 in the VSTi?

Other option would be to use Quick Controls and write automation of it. Or Generic Remote Device and write the automatic of the parameter directly.