record AXR4 reverb?

Is there a way to record the built in reverb in the AXR4?

You could do this with older mr816csx, so it’s hopeful that it’s likely

I have not been able to find a way yet.

Apologies, I misread, you could not do this with the older MR unit either. Only EQ and Comp.

It would be nice to include this feature in any update although the reality might be not having enough DSP.

You may have been lucky to find a preset that fully matches the mix. But I know from my own experience that a factory preset almost always needs additional tuning. And I also found out that among the dense forest of reverb parameters, there is a fairly small group that the correct setting of which brings the greatest benefit. Here are some guidelines for getting the fastest results.

The most important thing to understand correctly is the balance between the reverb length and the level of reverb in all tracks in the mix. Most people who provide mixes for our Rescue Studio underestimate this balance. They use either too long reverb, which does not allow you to raise its level so that it does not blur the mix, or too short, which also does not allow you to get the full sound and do not distance the tracks to the horizon. Almost every reverb processor has controls over the reverb length (this parameter is referred to as Decay Time or Reverb Time). Therefore, experiment with different length settings, and in tandem with this, manipulate the effect return fader. Find the best balance between these two parameters. In fact, this is something that I often return to in the final stages of data processing, since this balance is quite difficult to judge until the relative reverb levels for each instrument are set up.

I do not understand, if you cant record the AXR4 reverb… than what is the point of having it?
Im new and still learning to use the hardware

All DSP plugins in AXR4 are used for monitoring only. They are basically used to be able to monitor the signal. If you do want to render them in place, you could use the native versions of the plugins in VST format under Cubase/Nuendo. At least that’s what I understand.
You could somehow set a loopback to record a new channel with the reverb for example, but it is much easier and more flexible to do this via the native version of the plugins under Cubase/Nuendo.
I personally have never used this loopback functionality.