Record Button in Track Editor Mode


I just bought the app for my iPad. Currently, my primary usage for this app is to record live bass lines over songs. In the app, under the Track Editor mode, I do not see a ‘Record’ button being available, but it is displayed on the screenshot in the Help menu. I did I figure out how to record my bass lines, which is through the Wave Editor mode by pressing the +Audio button while in Track Editor mode.

I pressed Record in Wave Editor mode, and an Audio Recording window pops up and allows me to record my bass line along with the song. However, in the Audio Recording window, the measurement of my progress is displayed in seconds, while the ruler that applies to the tracks in Track Editor mode is displayed in bars.

So my questions are: how do I change the ruler on the Track Editor mode to display seconds, or how do I change the progress metric in the Audio Recording window under Wave Editor mode to bars? And what can I do to get a Record button in Track Editor mode?

Thank you, I am really looking to make this my main DAW.


Hi Alan,

The Record button on the Tracks screen is only visible on iPhone (6 and later), but it’s a good idea to include it in the iPad version too.
However, this button doesn’t trigger audio recording, only MIDI recording. Audio recording is only possible in the wave editor, as you described.

The ruler in the Tracks screen cannot be set to display seconds, but tapping the blue measure display in the wave editor toggles it and the ruler between seconds (default) and bars/beats. Hope this helps!

It would help if that blue measure display works during audio recording. However, it is inactive while I am recording, during which the only thing that runs in the audio recording pop up window is the counter that counts in seconds.

Thank you for your help. I think I have everything I need in Cubasis 2 (purchased a day after Music Studio) and Hokusai.