Record/ Capture MIDI Out From One MIDI Track To Another?

I’m sure I’ve asked this before … so today it’s either deja vu or brain feeze.

I know you can dissolve the midi effects to a track, but how do you directly/ real time record the output of those midi effects into midi track one to the input of a midi track two?

I’ve tried straightforward taking a real midi cable and a virtual midi cable, setting both tracks to the same channel and running the out from midi track one to the in of midi track two … but no midi activity.



download the free midi interrnal midi port “loopbe1” from

  1. midi track to play : input not connected to avoid midiloop /output : LoopBe internal Midi
  2. midi track to record : midi In : all midi Inputs /output : your vsti
    Let’s go

TY Dup …

I take it all virtual midi cables are not the same? I do understand about ‘multiclient’ virtual midi cables, but I wouldn’t think this type routing within the same program would require that.

I don’t recall which ‘virtual’ ones I have installed … they just show up as ‘Internal MIDI 1’ and ‘Internal MIDI 2’, but I’m basically routing as you describe and it’s not working.

Also, why wouldn’t the main midi port from my hardware interface do the same job? Anyone know?


Before to post my answer, I have tested and it work
Virtual midi port has protection against midiloop so I think the problem is here
Try a virtual midi first between two differrents program…I pilot sometimes wavelab with cubase as master.
You can also insert midiplugin and do a mixdown midi between the locator to have a new midi track.

Are the midiport active in the configuration page of Cubase?

But perhaps I don’t understand you question…perhaps you want to record not the midi generate by cubase but by a vsti inside a track : for exemple record a rythmic midi pattern form inside Kontakt generate by a script intern to Kontakt?
BEst regards