Record Click Track

I have had to burn many backing tracks for live performance which includes a click chanel. Manually doing this via midi is silly. Is there an easier way to accomplish this task? Can we not have a option in control room to include click in mixdown with a L R pan?

Yes, you can create a cue channel in the control room, wehre you can switch on the click.

Thanks for the reply, how will creating a cue channel’ in control room enable me to record the click to the mix?

This will work if you can loopback your cue channel output to an input Channel. Depends on your audio interface. Please read the manual for setting up the control room.
Other possibility is to assign a midi output channel in the metronom settings, which you can record to a midi/Instrument-track.

I made up a patch on HALion (on a cowbell setting) and I just export audio. They all end up at the same level then too!

Go to VST Connections [F4]
Select the Outputs tab
Your mix output should be listed here
Click in the “Click” column at your mix output
The click will now be routed there…

Jesus guys, sorry to rant here, but doesn’t anybody read the OP’s post…he wants to record the click, not just listen to it.
It’s a missing feature; the abillity to quickly and without any additional routing/patching be able to render out a click track.

The solution as Sonictimbo mentioned is to link the click to a Vsti and render that out…it doesn’t work offline though afaik.

Here is the solution I mentioned above:

  1. Create a cue channel in studio connections and allocate a loopback output bus.
  2. Create a input bus and allocate the loopback bus
  3. Activate the click in the control room for the cue channel and on the transport panel.
  4. Create a stereo audio track choose the loopback input bus, activate recording and record the click.
  1. Create a stereo audio track choose the loopback input bus, activate recording and record the click.

actually this bugs me since ages… I have to create playback stuff from sessions all the time, of course there are ways to re-record the click first or do a miditrack-vsti thing etc…

But all I want to to is something like activating a checkbox “include click in audioexport” in the export window…

I can not understand why this is still not possible.

I hear ya. It is odd that this isn’t a standard thing.

I have an instrument track of a drum machine using a rimshot sound on all my templates. It is easy to control and export. I don’t even think about it anymore.

This is a long missed feature. When I got to route to the click to an ouput and record the output I never can render offline. Logic can do this!!

Seriously, it’s outright goofy that there is STILL no possibility of exporting the click internally. I have to do it all the time, and it’s always a pain in the ass. Anyone at Steinberg listening?

If someone is still searching for a solution, I found one, albeit not the easiest or fastest way :

  • I use the voicemeeter plugin which allows me to use my computer soundcard output as an input.
  • I create an audio mono track on the project and put it in solo mode (or mute all the other ones).
  • I activate the metronome and record on the created track.
  • I reset my sound card configration to the one I used on Cubase

As I wrote, it’s real-time and ask to do multiple things instead of a single click… But as a Cubase 9 LE Elements user, it’s the only way I found…