Record disables Auto Punch-In (if Pre-rolled)

Auto Punch-in is deactivated when Record is pressed if Preroll is activated, but indication is still active.
(With Punchin Deactivation at Stop disabled).

  1. Uncheck “Deactivate Punch In at Stop” in Preferences.
  2. Turn on Pre-roll in Transport Panel (and set a Pre-roll Amount, e.g. 1 bar).
  3. Press Play and test the Punch-in. It works fine.
  4. Press Record, and Stop at any point.
  5. Press Play and test Punch-in again
    ==> Punch-in does not longer happen (despite it’s still indicated in the Transport Panel).
    You need to deselect Auto Punch-in and select it again to get it working again.

Windows 7 64-bit, Cubase Artist 6.5.3