Record effects output to a separate audio track


  • Guitar recorded dry to an audio track in mono signal
  • Send to FX channnel with a reverb applied
  • Want to have the REVERB effect recorded to a separate audio track
  • Want to be able to render the reverb effect separate to the guitar signal
  • Want to be able to solo the reverb sound without the original guitar input

I get how to record audio and create an fx channel then send the audio to the fx channel

I just cant work out how to then record the reverb effect as discrete audio to treat as a new independent sound

It’s actually very easy.
Set the output of the fx channel to ‘no bus’.
Create a new audiotrack to record your reverb on, and simply set the fx channel as input of that audio track.
Arm the audio track for record, play through the entire song et voila :slight_smile:.

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Ahhhh of course. Thanks.

I have some fun planned for the easter weekend now.

Hi, in Cubase 10 pro is not possible make this.
When I play the song for record, bounce, (in my case is the voice) the new audiotrack get the track of entire voice plus fx,not the fx single.

Show a screen shot of your routing.

Here it is. The track ‘Voz’ is routed to fx channel ‘Reverb Voz’ and the audiotrack ‘Reverb Voz record’ get the audio from the fx channel. Both channels have the same sound: the voice plus the reverb.

It’s a bit hard for me to see what’s going on because the resolution of the image is low, but it looks to me based on what you write and what the meters show that you’re doing the following:

Audio track - output to -> FX channel -> Audio track (for recording).

If your reverb is now NOT set to 100% dry then of course you get both a part of the original signal (dry) and the reverb (wet). In order to ONLY get the reverb your reverb has to be set to 100% wet.

If you don’t normally work this way then I’ll just add that in order to get the balance between wet/dry you would route like this:

Audio track - output to -> main outputs
Audio track - SEND to -> FX channel
FX channel - output to -> reverb record audio track
Reverb record audio track - output to -> main outputs

Now, if you do this you set the balance between dry original audio and reverb either a) by adjusting the faders on the respective channels, or b) by adjusting the send level (or both).

Oh my…I’m a dumb.
I don’t know for one magical reason I thought that the FX channel only output the signal in wet.
Thanks very much.


You can also create dummy VST Connections outputs that aren’t assigned to anything.

Hello all!

I have a Lexicon hardware effects unit (or if you call it “outboard gear” or whatever ppl call these).

It’s a Lexicon MX400XL with “Dual Stereo”

With this “reverb-unit” I can use two stereo FX channels (External FX) at the same time, which is pretty cool! :slight_smile:

Below I try to explain how I added the hardware reverb on my drums - Snare & Toms (also, screenshots are from Cubase Pro 10).

  1. First I setup the Audio Connections of the hardware in Cubase. I call them “Lex A” and “Lex B”.
  2. Then create two FX channels and insert the External FX on those.
  3. Then making the Sends from those FX channels to the instruments I want the Reverb-effects on. And now I can hear the reverb when playing the drums in Cubase. But now I wanna move onto recording those effects on Audio Tracks in Cubase…
  4. First I remove the “Output routing” to “no bus” on the FX channels.
  5. Then I create two Audio Tracks in Stereo and add the “Input routings” from Lex A and Lex B and the “Output routings” to Master.
  6. Then I just arm those two Audio Tracks and press Record in Cubase and let it record through-out the whole song to the end (it has to be in “real time”).

That’s about it! I’m also adding screenshots you can have a look at to decide what to do!

I’m also adding a two links to YouTube-videos where you can hear the drums with and without the Lexicon effects (on the Snare & Toms). I’m using EZDrummer 2 as the drum sound, though I havn’t worked much on it yet… Just to give you some audio examples of the effects using this hardware unit (Lexicon MX400XL).

  1. With Lexicon-reverb effects:
  2. Without Lexicon-reverb effects:

/Many regards from Robin Gardner.
Lexicon MX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (both External FX inserted).jpg
Lexicon MX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (Insert External Lex A).jpg
Recording LexiconMX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (Audio Connections).jpg

Here are the rest of the screenshots…

/Robin Gardner
Lexicon MX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (recorded on Audio Tracks).jpg
Recording LexiconMX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (MixConsole).jpg
Lexicon MX400XL in Cubase 10 Pro (Sends to Instruments).jpg