'Record Enable' button not working on multiple Audio tracks.

Hey guys,

I’ve been using ‘Cubase 9 LE AI Elements’ fine now for several months, and all is good. I record my electric guitar, bass and drum machine ‘live’, by micing them into my Yamaha MG12XU mixer, and then into my Cubase. I’ve been recording Audio track 1 with my bass and drum machine together, and then Audio track 2 with my guitar, while listening to already recorded Audio track 1 through my mixer headphones.
Now I need to start recording 3 separate tracks, for a more professional mix production and versatility. However, when I try to record each instrument on separate audio tracks, they bleed together during recording. It should be as simple as turning ‘Record Enable’ off all the other channels, but still the tracks all bleed together. In the ‘Mix Console’ window, the red ‘Record Enable’ buttons are all clearly off (except for my actively recording Audio track), yet still no luck. I don’t have this problem at all with my Instrument and MIDI tracks. This issue is only on my Audio tracks. I’m using the latest ‘Yamaha Steinberg usb driver V1.9 10-2 for win 10/8.1/7(sp1)(32bit/64bit)’.

Is Cubase 9 LE AI Elements not capable of recording multiple Audio tracks? Is this a limitation of my mixer?

thanks in advance!


That is a limitation of your mixer(2 channels), Cubase AI can record 16 tracks at the same time.

The best you can achieve with this mixer is 2 simultaneous channels and you would only manage that by panning one fully left and the other fully right when recording (obviously your recorded audio would not need to be panned)

ok thanks guys. Guess I will have to upgrade my mixer.