Record Enable with Oxygen 88 - instead of Mute

The slider buttons on the Oxygen 88 MIDI controller are pre-set to Mute (and Unmute) the corresponding channels.

I need them to control the Record Enable function instead.

How do i do this???

If I knew which MIDI command Cubase uses to toggle the Record Enable on and off, that would be helpful.

Where can I find a list of Cubase MIDI commands??? I’ve looked and looked…

Just set up the Generic Remote using the Learn function.

I guess you’re going to have to be more specific.

The only option I can find in the Generic Remote is MIDI/Record. When I do that it Record Enables when I press the button down and then deactivates the Record Enable when I release the button. What do I need to do to Record Enable when I press the button once and then deactivate Record Enable when I press the button a second time?

Also, the Mute function is still operating.

I assume that the Oxygen 88 is sending out a control function that Cubase is sensing to Mute the channel. I could change that setting in the Oxygen 88 if I knew what control Cubase uses to Record Enable (I suppose that would work?).

You need to change the flag in GR to change button behavior. You need to delete the line that controls Mute or change the message to other.

I appreciate your help.

I removed the Oxygen 88 in the Devices Setup. This was controlling the Mutes and Volumes in Cubase with its own protocol.

I connected the Oxygen 88 for both MIDI In and MIDI Out in the Generic Remote device.

I have gotten the buttons to Record Enable as wanted. And the faders to control channel volumes.

Now the issue is latency. Although the faders work fine, the Record Enable/Disable has about a full 2 second delay!!! They appear in Cubase instantly but take the 2 seconds to respond. In fact, on audio tracks (where I have monitoring set to “tape machine” - where it monitors when record enabled) the Record Enable button lights up instantly but the Monitor button lights up about 2 seconds later. Same when disabling.

Any solution?