Record external synth (Audio no midi) direct into cubase, RME FireFace UC


Ive been working ITB for a long time now, but want to have a session with my minibrute and Big Sky - i cant for the life of me remember how to record direct into Cubase through my RME Fireface UC.

In Wavosaur its simple; Audio configuration>>> Audio In tab>>>select the correct inputs (Analog 5&6, RME Fireface UC)>>> hit record>>> done

I cant figure out how its done in cubase though - i go into Studio>>>Audio Connections, but i cant see an option for Analog 5&6 inputs.

Can someone please advise?

Many thanks

If your minibrute is conneted to the fireface UC and the fireface is selected as your audio interface in the studio setup window you should be able to add a pair of inputs (or a single stereo input) in the “input” tab and then assign the correct UC ports.
From this point on create an audio track (stereo) and use the created input channel as source.

HTH, Ernst

PS.: Alternatively you can set the minibrute up as an external synth. In this case you would have to create an additional audio track and set its input to the minibrute-Instrument-Audio-Channel in order to record the audio. Or you use Render in Place.

Thanks. Cubase had reverted to the generic ASIO driver, which was the issue (any idea why it does this by the way? Its happened more than once)

It does this whenever Cubase is started without the last selected interface being available (because it is switched off or not connected) for example.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks