Record feature Podcasts / Videocasts

Simple feature request that would save a lot of messing around for people wanting to create screen capture tutorials WITH audio commentary using Cubase.

Can we have a new type of audio channel exclusively for creating podcast / video cast audio which works intelligently separate from global record and playback? This would hugely side-step some of the inherent issues on recording audio for desktop video using external audio interfaces.

How it works

  1. Launch you screen capture software and start recording desktop video.
  2. Tab to your Cubase session you’ll be doing a video about.
  3. Create the “Cast-Master” audio track. (everything in your session will have a send automatically created and routed to this channel and have the option to turn off unwanted channels)
  4. Arm the record on “Cast Master” and start recording.
  5. When you pause the playback “Cast Master” track will still continue to record and work independently from the global features.
  6. Once you’ve finished your podcast you can stop “cast master” and then export the audio file for editing.