Record midi New Parts just like audio (punch)


I’ve been searching as good as I could but could not find an answer. I try to explain as clearly as I can :slight_smile:

Soon I will be recording digital drums as midi. If the drummer makes a mistake I would like to be able to punch in and out the wrong part and record a New Part (midi) but keep the Original recording.

I can’t get that to work as I would expect it. If for Midi Recording Modes I choose New Parts (default) the Original recording will keep playing during punch in and out. That’s simply unusable and will confuse the drummer. The Merge and Replace modes are not what I am looking for because they either change or delete the Original recording. I want it just like audio… When you record audio with punch you can mute the Original during recording but not delete it. After that you can fiddle with your splits to get it right.

Any help is highly appreciated. I cannot imagine that his is not possible. I must be overlooking something.

Thanks in advance…


Unfortunately this is not possible. There is different use case for the “New Parts”, it is meant to be for layering of drums. So you record only the Kick during the very 1st loop, then you record Snare during the next loop, etc.

To achieve what you need, you would need to Mute the MIDI Notes in the re-record part first.

Hi Martin
Thanks for providing me with an answer. Super you do this. Of course not so super my scenario can’t be done without hassle. Have to work around it manually then.

Best regards and best wishes for 2019.

It’s ALWAYS been a mystery to me why Cubase doesn’t allow MIDI tracks to operate in the same way as audio. How hard can it be to give us the option?

In the area that you want to correct, (punch in and out) can’t you cut the original midi track at that point and mute that section and record the new part on another track? That way you can hear the original track and record through the muted section. Then you can cut the recorded track at the same point and exchange parts. That is if I am understanding your problem correctly.


That was my advice in the very first reply. But of course, these are an extra steps.

Oh, ok, I missed that. :slight_smile: