Record MIDI out under Cubase 6

I am running Drumagog (latest version 5) under Cubase 6 / 64 bit and Windows 7 / 64 bit. I would like to record the MIDI out from Drumagog onto a MIDI track. I can set the input of this MIDI track to the MIDI output of Drumagog. But when I try to record, nothing appears on the MIDI track. If I set the MIDI output of Drumagog to an external MIDI port, everything works as expected. Am I missing something?

Another question: As far as I know, Drumagog still is a 32 bit plugin, which must be bridged unter 64 bit hosts. Will there be a 64 bit version of Drumgog in the near future?

Hans-Hermann Gross

So you set your plugin up on an instrument track.

Enable midi out on the plug if needed.

Now make a midi track and you should have a choice for your plug as an input.

Choose that and press the monitor button. The meter should bounce when the plug is putting out something and you can record it on this track.