Record Multiple CC Lanes?


I just tried my Korg NanaKontrol 2 to record the CC lanes for a piece of mine in Dorico. The problem is, it only seems to record one CC Lane at a time. But BBCSO uses CC1 and CC11 and I want to record them simultaneously. Is this possible?

EDIT: Using Dorico 4

Also, when recording the CC Lane some instruments have a strange stutter but when I replay the recorded CC Lanes everything sounds fine

I think it should be possible to record multiple CC’s at the same time - maybe you could check again that you are actually sending the correct CC channels?

The stuttering may happen because there is already midi CC data on the track you are recording.

It can be also the expression map working against you - last time I tried recording CC it would stutter if there was a single dynamic marking added to the instrument.

In my experience dorico is not quite ready for this kind of workflow where you record and edit a lot of midi CC data, but some tools might be added with the next ”small” update.

Thank you that was it. It didn’t save my settings. I put CC1 and CC11 next to each other but forgot to write/save in Korg Kontrol Editor.

So would I get better results if I delet all dynamic markings and CC data and do record after that?

If you want this kind of workflow, then that might be the case.

At some point I noticed that if you activated suppress playback on dynamics that would actually create an ”empty space” where I could record midi CC without the expression map interfering and causing stuttering. But I think that behaviour has been changed since then.