Record my guitar with a clean signal

How do I set things up to record my guitar with a clean signal and at the same time have some effects while playing?

For the moment I’m using V-AMP, but I like to record with a clean signal and set the effects afterwards. This is my current setup:

Guitar ==> V-AMP ==> Mixer board ==> Computer with internal soundcard ==> Mixer board ==> Monitors

So I was looking at audio interfaces as Line 6 POD Studio UX2 and PreSonus AudioBox. As I understand, those will have a built in DI-box. When using those it seems like they will “replace” the mixer board as well as my current soundcard.

So I guess the setup then would be:

Guitar ==> Line 6 POD Studio UX2 ==> Computer (through USB)
Line 6 POD Studio UX2 ==> Monitors

The thing is that I also use the mixer board for my keyboard (instrument), and (besides recording music) simply use it to raise and lower the volume while surfing the net, listen to music/YouTube etc. In this case I sure hope that for example the Line 6 POD Studio UX2 can be used in the same way, and not only for recording the guitar.

Oherwise I would need some kind of switch so I can use the monitors for both the mixer board as well as the audio interface, or otherwise get some extra monitors for the audio interface.

Or if I could still make use of some of my current settings, skip the audio interface, and only get a DI-box and connect it to the internal soundcard to get the clean signal and also to my V-AMP to get a nice effect while playing:

Guitar ==> DI-box ==> V-AMP ==> Mixer board ==> Computer with internal soundcard ==> Mixer board ==> Monitors
DI-box ==> Computer with internal soundcard

But at the same time this would mean that the inputs on my Audiophile soundcard already are occupied by cables coming in from the mixer board.

I’m having a hard time grasping things here. What would be the best option here? :confused:

I do exactly this with my Steinberg UR44 - although the cheaper UR242 has the same onboard DSP with guitar amp classics supplied which enables you to monitor with live effects and record a clean signal.

Thanks for the suggestion.

So how did you set things up?

I know I can attach the monitors directly to Steinberg UR44, but can I also just “replace” my Audiophile souncard with UR44, and set it up like this:
Mixer board ==> Steinberg UR44 ==> Mixer board ==> Monitors.

So using the mixer board as well? Or does Steinberg UR44 kind of replaces the need for a mixer board?

The way to record clean guitar on the UR44 (or UR242) is simple once you know how!

With these interfaces installed you get an extra “hardware” option on the mixer view.
To record clean you need to set the little signal path switch in the middle setting and then set the insert as you see fit to get the sound you want - the printed signal will be clean. You can have the excellent onboard reverb and guitar amps running at the same time. The effects look exactly like the plug in versions except you’ll notice the “DSP” motif on the bottom right of the plug window instead of “VST”.

The firmware must be V2 or better on the audio interface - mine was supplied at V1 but a quick visit to the Steinberg downloads page soon sorted that.

The UR series of interfaces have output volume knobs on the front panel so there’s no need for that down stream. The UR44 has two (powerful) headphone amps each can have their own mix cue, so if you’re recording a singer he can have his headphone mix with reverb and you can listen to the dry mix on the other headphone port - or via the monitors if you’re in a different room.

PS if you want to know what the amp models sound like there’s a youtube video here:

He’s using the VST versions (supplied) to reamp a clean signal - but the sounds and interfaces are identical.

The V-Amp manual has a section called “Recording” with a diagram. You use mode S2 which will give you a dry signal on one channel for recording and effects on the other, for monitoring.

Thanks for posting that JPEG. When I click on the ‘racks’ button the word ‘hardware’ does not appear.
I have followed the instructions from several different sources which includes changing the set up under VST connections et cetera et cetera but still no hardware under the racks button.
Any ideas?
Thanks again!

Cubase 8.52
Win7 x64
Latest UR242 tools
Hardware monitoring enabled

I had MR Tools and Editor installed which, when removed solved the problem.