Record output of looped section of audio track into track

Anyone know if it’s possible to record a looped section of an audio track into a separate audio track? I’ve tried using the independent track loop but that doesn’t seem to work on audio tracks.

Yes it is - via “recording from busses”

Independent track loop does also work for audio parts.

Hey, thanks very much for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ve tried right clicking on the toolbar in the audio editor to show the “independent track loop” button as in the manual, but whilst I’ve got it in the midi parts, I don’t have an option to show it in the audio editor - any idea where I’m going wrong?

Would this be something I would need to do via the “control room”?

You´re not opening the audio part editor. Events to parts.


Ahhhhhhhhh, thank-you very much! I mainly use midi and VST’s, so I didn’t actually know this existed, thanks very much!

Got it! I’m far from a super-user, really appreciate the help :wink:

i find the phantom bus also useful for Render In Place. I use a mono phantom bus for that if I quickly want to convert a stereo track to mono.