Record output of Stereo Out to Audio track Cubase 8 Artist

I want to record the output of the Stereo Out to a seperate Audio track. I can’t get the Stereo Out to show as an input on an audio track. Is this possible in Cubase 8 Artist?


… but it IS possible in full version, right? :slight_smile:

Yep. As long as you don’t create a feedback loop.

so, I guess set input as “Stereo Out” and output as “No bus”?


Hei Steve - and just to confirm, it worked fine after upgrading :slight_smile:

Whenever I’ve needed to get the “Stereo Out” into a project as an audio track, I always used File > Export > Audio Mixdown and then checked Audio Track under Import into Project. (Which definitely is possible in Artist, and no worrying about feedback loops.)

Does routing Stereo Out to an audio track give you something that Audio Mixdown with Import into Project wasn’t?

So I guess this is the same in Cubase 10?

So this isn’t working for me on Cubase 11 Pro. It won’t let me select ‘No Bus’ as the output of an audio channel. Whyyyyyy??!!


I am a little perplexed with the difference of quality sometimes, between playback and export, and I wanted to print the track the old fashion way, but I can’t seem to set Stereo Out as an the input to the Audio track I wish to record the session to.