Record PC Audio (from browser) into Wavelab Elements 9.5

Hi Guys,

An easy question for you guru’s for sure, all I want to do is record audio directly from my PC Audio ( Youtube/ Browser) straight into Wavelab Elements.
I’ve gone to File > Preferences > Audio Connections and have selected my Audio Device (which is Focusrite USB ASIO) and the Device Input is Input1 for Channel #1 and Input2 for Channel #2 and the corresponding Monitor Output is Output 1 and Output 2.

PLEASE can somebody tell me where I am going wrong? :unamused:

Actually it’s one of the harder questions.

Look for a loopback function in the Focusrite control panel.

Or if you go into the Windows Sound control panel settings, on the Record tab, if there’s a selection called Stereo Mix, you should be able to use that.

An easy way to do this is to record the file in Audacity. That seems to work with the default i/o settings selected.

Actually I forgot to ask if you’re on Windows or Mac. (assumed you were on Windows).

If it’s just Youtube, simply add ‘pwn’ to the adress.

Let’s say you want to record the sound of this video:

Just add ‘pwn’ after www. -

Yes that’s what I use with Windows. And you’d need to select Windows MME as the audio device in the audio connections of WL. Works fine for recording all audio from the PC.